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It became a weekend and I became on a nearby bus visiting to Marina beach, an area that draws with the aid of using its name. Luckily, I grabbed a window seat to consolation myself inside a few minutesadventure started. Unlike everyday days I determined now no longer to tug out cellular to test if any notifications arrived, later that proved me a joyful preference as I witnessed the maximum exceptional essence of life.


Next to my seat, there has been a pair sitting of about 70 to eighty years of age. The vintage guy who became sitting subsequent to me at the window seat had wrinkled skins and weaken the body. His calmness became shouting approximately his sickness. The vintage lady beside him became as vintage as the person but she became lively to attend to him. After a few moments whilst the conductor got here to acquire tickets, she gave cash to take tickets to their vacation spot. I couldn’t take my eyes off from them as I became witnessing one of the stunning truth of life.

Post some greater moments of tour the vintage guy coughed difficult retaining his chest tight, I became involved with the aid of using searching at him. Then all at once my eyes went onto the Granny sitting beside him. I noticed a vibration out of dread electrified on her entire body. With no time losing in addition she pulled out her gray handkerchief to wipe out saliva popping out of her guy’s mouth, letter she went directly to make sure him, “the whole thing is fine”. I became numbed to peer such affection and love.


My revel in got here to an cease whilst their vacation spot arrived, the Granny stood a few minutes earlier than and requested the conductor to prevent the bus on the subsequent prevent till they get down. Finally, the subsequent bus-prevent got here, she made the vintage guy stand with the aid of using retaining his hand and made him get down from the bus with all due care as though she became looking after her maximum treasured fragile ornament.


For a second, I idea there are nevertheless a few folks that are killing lady fetus, there are nevertheless a few exist who doesn’t guide lady empowerment, nevertheless, majority of humans accept as true with in a culture that prohibits gender equality.


Let’s forget about for a second examples of our first-rate ancient characters like Rani Lakshmibai, Kalpana Chawla, and plenty of greater, we nevertheless have many residing examples surrounding us, allow’s get encourage from them, allow there be mild and hope, allow humanity prevail.

The essence of love

  1. A boy and lady have been taking walks facet with the useful resource of using facet, hand in hand. A cool wind became flowing, with mild drizzle, a super romantic day.

Suddenly, the lady stopped and checked out the boy. Boy became startled however quiet.

Girl……. Can I ask you one question…?

boy…..Yes With a smile!

Girl..: I need to recognise today,

why you adore me? Please, Can you solution me directly? I need a solution from the heart.”

Boy smilingly knelt down, protecting her palms toward his chest, as though to immerse all his prayers inner her()

Boy: I love you…sure I do. I do now no longer know why, and I in no way need to recognise why. I simply experience with you with the useful resource of using my facet, I do now no longer need to assume about the past, I do now no longer need to be frightened of the future. I simply need to stay in present. I simply need to stay lifestyles with you. With you with the useful resource of using my facet, this lifestyles feels so good, so worthwhile. If my lifestyles is a road, you are the directions. When you stand beside me, I do now no longer need to recognise whether or not or now no longer I should be alive after the subsequent 5 minutes. I simply need to mention that even supposing demise involves me after five minutes, I will include it smilingly, because, my closing reminiscence may be you. You are the first-rate factor that handed off to me personally, and I need to cherish it until my closing breath”.

Girl should now no longer preserve herself any longer. She burst into tears and hugged him tight, as though to in no way permit him go.

Girl…teary-eyed ” I love you”.

Boy: “I love you too”.

Heavens poured from above. They soaking wet withinside the rain of love.

  1. After all, love is God’s blessings, is not always it?

Subsequent follow-ups also come down after the fall


Subsequent follow-ups also come down after the fall
Subsequent follow-ups also come down after the fall

Well, it’s time to revisit the memories and sprinkle the partiality which I even have continually cherished all through my childhood. The experience of having sopping wet withinside the pouring drops has continually interested me and it interested me to the volume of nourishing the fascination of my younger days and present. The wet climate stood to be the maximum quixotic of all emotions that stood evident, however then with the passing segment of life, it has introduced the calmness and the relaxation of the thoughts. I in reality now no longer recall the pouring dew as unwavering of having relieved from the warm temperature however continually an concept to decorate my being with the rudiments round.

Holding the breeze, my coronary heart observed the blessed bliss; I appeared above and down it ran to quench the thirst I seek.


Alas, it did not rain today. The shifting clouds bid farewell with a glimpse of the bathe on me however the feeling of seeing the autumn is sort of the same. Nothing modified however right away the bloodless breeze introduced the texture of relishing the drops is visible some distance and farther my eyes went, I handiest witness the blue sky heavy with the drops that have been keen to merge withinside the victory.

Its 1/2 of beyond six and I as standard searched for an area to relaxation down and upload a number of my random mind to my outlook. My hands have been prepared to transport and saved a preference to carry some thing new withinside the talks that I had with myself. As standard my liked receives busy together along with his paintings affairs and in reality gave me the gap to observe those stunning shimmering evenings which got here to relaxation however then has now no longer allowed the dimness. Down there the tongue-tied of youngsters were given louder and a person loud with the name “Alia” receives many of the troop.


Relentless of the sports taking place round me, my thoughts nonetheless awaits for the drops, and sitting in my very own planetary chair I appeared as much as get a glimpse of 1 unmarried drop if existed. Aha, it’d rain in a while however as of now it did not and the wait is only a watch for me. It’s getting darker and the nightfall is inclined to relaxation in all its attraction to the lonely wait of darkness

will you wait for me


  • will you wait for me

will you wait for me

Every time you complained to me that I will now no longer come to the door to look you passing with the aid of using my domestic, I constantly stood in the back of my opaque home windows looking you byskip with the aid of using. You made the scene so serene that the home windows desired to show obvious for me to look you. I nevertheless do not forget all of the tension which you felt whilst passing with the aid of using and looking ahead to me to sign you or byskip a grin that could make you sense stable and confident. Every time I did this due to the fact even for the duration of the tough segment of my life, I desired you to look me with the affection unchanged and make me sense better. Every time I did this due to the fact although my presence is absent, I need all of the shy and tension from you and now no longer the misery of now no longer assembly me each time you byskip with the aid of using my domestic. Every time you complained me now no longer the use of my uyyala ( swing ), I could consider each people swinging candy to the spring; I could consider each people swinging to the rains moist and wild. I by no means felt desirable to dirt off the swing due to the fact I did not realize will you continue to be my love for all time due to the fact the swing felt incomplete. The love has fled now however has given us time to speak to every other, backup whenever we lose ourselves and console each time we’ve got bad. This time has made me consider you and all of the innocence bottled up in you. I realize we omit the cuddles, the tender bruises of affection and movements down the arms however we are able to join up quickly my dear, do not worry. After the quarantine, whilst you byskip with the aid of using my domestic anxiously, do not worry; I will come to the door and could ship a grin. Will you wait ? With love, The boy who gave you the primary hug.

The tree of love story of shawon blog

They met every different for a completely short length of time, articulated their hearts, understood every different inner out and will study the eyes of each other with none effort. Surely they may have a completely stunning adventure going via the numerous paths of happiness and sorrows and will experience existence to the fullest. But they stopped, appeared again and determined now no longer to maintain their self made adventure for a few better motive, which turned into manner extra critical and wanted at that time. They no extra desired to bounce withinside the music they designed irrespective of how a lot soothing and mellifluous it turned into. Rather they determined to bounce withinside the music existence has thrown at them. To my surprise, they’re nevertheless happy, contented, fulfilled and playing the present of existence serenely each second and are sprinkling the identical round them. Now they’ve turn out to be the motive of happiness for many!! When they have been requested later of their lives what makes them a lot happy, they replied – ‘When we water the tree of affection at its root that is constantly below the floor and might by no means be seen, we see its leaves, stems, end result smiling fantastically and status robust, very robust and instantly even withinside the finest storm. The motive is a robust bond among the unseen roots. Note: Not positive approximately sentence creation however simply desired to write down my emotion!!blove story The tree of lov

The tree of love
The tree of love story of shawon blogThe tree of love story of shawon blog





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Rushed in the direction of the other route as quickly as I noticed him due to the fact now after a few years I did not have the identical energy to stand him or his questions. Because what I sense for him became unknown to him and I did not anticipate him to return back here. All I idea became to satisfy pals and relive the recollections however I had no concept that I’ll should face him as well. The ache withinside the coronary heart became getting worse with the aid of using each passing minute. All I desired at that second became to run farfar from this crowd and spend a while by myself in order that I can prepare my mind and feature manipulate over my emotions. I noticed that the instructions are empty as there has been a vacation and best 2010 batch college students have been allowed to go into the premises for his or her reunion after 10 years. I went in the direction of the constructing and at the floor floor, elegance 12 ‘c’ became the primary room after Dean’s office. I went in the elegance and sat at the closing bench dealing with in the direction of the wall. I closed my eyes for little while however nonetheless, I became seeing his face so I opened the attention and began out scrolling my telecellsmartphone and performed a track with earphones on and I became seeing his picturegraph on Facebook and that became it became uploaded few minutes back. I did not comprehend that a person became calling me and some moments later I felt that a person located his hand on my shoulder after which known as my call and this time it became clean sufficient to make me freeze due to the fact how can I overlook his heavy but hypnotizing voice, which I used to die for however the issue which blew my thoughts off became that his photo became nonetheless open on my telecellsmartphone and too with 4x zoom and he became status in the back of me…..