English love story 2021

A boy and lady have been on foot aspect through aspect, hand in hand. A cool wind turned into flowing, with mild drizzle, a really perfect romantic day.


Suddenly, the lady stopped and checked out the boy. Boy turned into startled however quiet.

Girl””.. Can I ask you one question?

Boy…Yes”” (With a smile)

Girl..”I need to understand today, why you adore me? Please, Can you solution me directly? I need a solution from the heart..


Boy smilingly knelt down, preserving her fingers towards his chest, as though to immerse all his prayers interior her.


Boy…”I love you…sure I do. I do not know why, and I in no way need to understand why. I simply experience with you through my aspect, I do not need to think about the past, I do not need to be frightened of the future. I simply need to stay in present. I simply need to stay existence with you. With you through my aspect, this existence feels so good, so worthwhile. If my existence is a road, you’re the directions. When you stand beside me, I do not need to understand whether or not I could be alive after the subsequent 5 minutes. I simply need to mention that even though loss of life involves me after five minutes, I will embody it smilingly, because, my final reminiscence might be you. You are the pleasant issue that took place to me personally, and I need to cherish it until my final breath”.


Girl could not keep herself any longer. She burst into tears and hugged him tight, as though to in no way permit him go.


Girl (teary-eyed) ” I love you”.

Boy: “I love you too”.


Heavens poured from above. They soaking wet withinside the rain of love.

After all, love is God’s blessings, is not it?

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